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E.g., 04-12-2016
E.g., 04-12-2016
From 26/07/2016 to 26/09/2016
In order to facilitate cross border on-line dissemination of cultural content, the Commission supports innovative strategies for the provision of subtitled versions of European cultural programmes. The present call for proposals goes into this direction. Read more
From 26/07/2016 to 26/09/2016
The Commission is launching a €500 000 call to design a technical solution which will aim to increase the exposure of European films in video on demand (VOD) services available in the EU. Read more
From 26/07/2016 to 26/07/2016
Read here the summary of the responses to a public consultation on eHealth/Health IT launched by the European Commission and the US Department of Health & Human Services. Read more
From 26/07/2016 to 26/07/2016
In spring 2017, DG CONNECT will organise the evaluation of H2020 proposals submitted under ICT-20-2017 on Tools for smart digital content in the creative industries. Read more
From 26/07/2016 to 26/07/2016
Genova (IT)
Understanding the neurobiological principles beyond retinal functionality is essential to develop successful artificial computer vision architectures. This workshop is a unique opportunity to learn about the R&D performed in the FET project RENVISION which investigated pan-retinal signal processing at high spatio-temporal resolution, through neuroscientific, optical and computational approaches involving advanced pattern recognition and machine learning technologies. Read more
From 25/07/2016 to 25/07/2016
The Commission has issued a recommendation asking RTR, the Austrian regulator, to amend or withdraw its proposal which would allow Austrian operators to differentiate fixed and mobile termination rates based on the Member State where the call originates. Read more
From 24/07/2016 to 24/07/2016
The public online consultation on future FET Proactive initiatives was held in spring 2016. It is one of the inputs for the preparation of the next work programme for FET, covering the last three years of Horizon 2020 (2018-2020). To get there, the future FET Proactive lines of research will be fixed by the end of 2016, with a work programme text to be finalised before summer 2017. The consultation thus provides a timely snapshot of what is 'hot' and upcoming in terms of future technologies. Read more
From 23/07/2016 to 15/09/2016
The European Commission launched a Call for Tenders for a study on the promotion of European works. The time limit for receipt of tenders was 15/09/2016 This Call is now closed. Read more
From 23/07/2016 to 27/07/2016
Manchester (UK)
The EuroScience Open Forum is an international conference dedicated to broadly defined science and innovation. For the first time, Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) is organising two sessions at ESOF dedicated to science and policy related to FET (on Monday 25 July). Read more
From 22/07/2016 to 27/07/2016
Varenna (IT)
The International School of Physics "Enrico Fermi" on quantum simulators aims at bringing world experts together to present an overview of the field of quantum simulators and to give a vision on its future to graduate students and postdocs. Read more