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E.g., 28-02-2017
E.g., 28-02-2017
From 07/09/2016 to 07/09/2016
The EU-funded PRECIOUS project is harnessing the power of smartphones to help users better track their fitness and encourage healthier lifestyle options. Read more
From 07/09/2016 to 07/09/2016
Experts of the EU-funded CHROMED project have been researching telemedicine care models for chronic diseases, offering the benefits of early diagnosis and treatment alongside a reduction of the socio-economic burden. Read more
NOTREMOR project
From 07/09/2016 to 07/09/2016
The EU-funded NOTREMOR project is getting close to building combined brain and neuromuscular computer models to predict the progression of Parkinson’s and ensure the prescription of the correct medication. Read more
diseases spreading on public transport
From 07/09/2016 to 07/09/2016
EU researchers are helping national and regional transportation hubs to better mitigate the risks of the spread of transmissible pathogens. Read more
From 07/09/2016 to 07/09/2016
As EU citizens are viewing audio-visual content not only on TV sets, but also on tablets and smartphones, our traditional distribution systems need to rise to the challenge of delivering an ever increasing choice and quality with limited spectrum resources. Read more
Ants 2016: 10th International conference on Swarm Intelligence
logo of Ants 2016: 10th International conference on Swarm Intelligence
From 07/09/2016 to 10/09/2016
Brussels, Belgium
This international conference brings together researchers dealing with swarm intelligence to share ideas on current developments and applications and to present their latest research. ANTS2016 welcomes paper submissions on any aspect of swarm intelligence. Read more
From 07/09/2016 to 07/09/2016
The EU-funded DIVERSIFY project brought together researchers from the domains of software-intensive distributed systems and ecology, in order to translate ecological concepts and processes into software design principles. The project ended early 2016 but its impact is ongoing. Read more
From 06/09/2016 to 06/09/2016
ICT-enabled public sector modernisation is one of the key priorities of Societal Challenge 6, part of the H2020 research programme. Public administrations should move towards an open government paradigm, composed of 3 axes: Open data, Open services and Open process. This brochure presents these themes and the projects focusing their activities in "Europe in a changing world - inclusive, innovative and reflective societes". Read more
From 06/09/2016 to 06/09/2016
Six of the world’s most advanced vehicles will race over a track made of gold. Only you won’t be able to follow the race because each competitor is just nanometres in size and invisible to the naked eye. Read more
From 05/09/2016 to 05/09/2016
The competition for the European Broadband Awards 2016 is open to all projects irrespective of size, location or technologies used. Selected finalists and winners will be presented at the B-DAY: Going Giga event in November in Brussels. There are just a few days left until the deadline! Read more