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Your First Open Dataset is on the Open Data Portal

A Database of methodologies and metrics for the measurement of GHG emissions from Cities and from Companies has been published in the European Union Open Data Portal.
The data set includes 95 records: 45 on methodologies for the measurement of GHG emissions from Cities and 40 from Companies. The methodologies are all described in a common way (30 properties) and compared using five scores: Maturity and longevity, Uptake, Ease and cost of use, Comparability, Transparency and robustness. The file additionally contains: a list of Organisations who conduct work relevant to the measurement of GHG emissions / energy use yet do not provide methodologies/metrics for Cities or Companies (49 records), and a list of ICT methodologies and metrics not applicable at City or Company level (6 records). The work was done by Carbon Trust for the European Commission.