This workshop aims to discuss the advantages of introducing geo-location databases as an instrument to support efficient use of spectrum, with a focus on advantages for regulators and spectrum users as well as on challenges and problems to be solved for an effective use and maintenance of the databases. In that context the need for European action as well as national action should be identified.

In light of increasing demand for spectrum in many sectors there is a growing need to use this resource more efficiently. Sharing approaches that were identified in the Report on the Radio Spectrum Inventory from the Commission, in the Communication on Shared Use as well as in national initiatives include geo-location databases. They will allow more efficient use of spectrum by assigning specific channels at specific locations to secondary users in such a way that the primary user of the band (incumbent) does not experience harmful interference.

For more information please consult the revised agenda and the slides presented at the workshop. You may also watch the recording of the entire workshop