For a sustainable, secure and smart society, smart appliances for energy efficient buildings become essential. The European Commission has just launched the “Study on the available semantics assets for the interoperability of Smart Appliances, Mapping into a common ontology as an M2M application layer semantics (SMART 2013/0077)”.

ETSI has also recognized the importance of semantic interoperability, and the smart appliance technical body will develop a standard on Smart Appliances Ontology and assure that it is ETSI M2M architecture conformant and recognized as an asset of the M2M community.

The DG CONNECT & ETSI Workshop on Smart M2M Appliances will deal with a new generation of smart appliances, with active behaviour at energy efficiency management, conformant to a “plug and play” interoperability capacity, and a clear mandate to start with a high-level (semantic) modelling of information to be exchanged.

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Only 90 seats are available.

European Commission DG CONNECT and ETSI
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