This workshop will discuss and revisit the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council’s Principles of Robotics, to consider their continued relevance according to the criteria of validity, sufficiency/generality and utility. One of the CoP members – Hilary Sutcliffe, Director at MATTER – will contribute to it by presenting a short analysis of the Principles for better self- and co-regulation in relation to the Principles of Robotics.

The AISB conference on 4-6th April is an annual event covering the variety of topics in artificial intelligence (AI) and cognitive sciences. The convention is structured as a number of symposia, which last from one to two days, together with various plenary talks and events. One of the workshops will focus on Principles of Robotics and debate on each of the five Principles of Robotics developed by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), with at least one participant speaking in defence of the principle and one providing a critique. The debate will be followed by a more open-ended discussion with the goal of formulating some recommendations.