The Information Society Directorate General is organising a two days workshop on GRID based systems for complex problem solving in Brussels. This workshop is targeted at a wide spectrum of industrial, academic and institutional actors active in the area of GRID based systems and its current and potential applications. An inter/multidisciplinary approach and partnerships among industry, academia, users and European centres of research excellence is needed to steer the future path for the EU Grid domain. One of the key challenges facing the Grid constituency at this time is to increase industry’s partnership with the well-established European academic centres of excellence vis-à-vis the Grid, thus promoting the use of Grids beyond eScience, in industry and business The main objective of this workshop is to offer a forum to the constituency for consolidating and structuring emerging ideas in line with the set objectives of the FP6 IST Work Programme 2003/2004. In view of the radical shift on the objectives and instruments compared to previous activities in FP5, the participants are invited to share their views related to the development of Next Generation Grid Architectures (with a 5-10 year time horizon) and of Generic Enabling Technologies that cross applications and sectors.