On 15 October, the European Commission (DG Connect, unit H3 Public Services) in collaboration with ePractice is organising a workshop for public administrations, eGovernment experts, civil society representatives, industry representatives, policy makers, politicians, academics and eParticipation projects' representatives to highlight ways to empower citizens in the decision-making process with the view to further strengthen democratic processes.

Please apply before 13 September for a placement as speaker.

The workshop aims at:

  1. Taking stock of five EU-funded eParticipation projects (Parterre, OurSpace, Puzzled by Policy, MyUniversity and Immigration Policy 2.0), to better disseminate their results and to enhance the reuse of the projects outcomes;
  2. Preparing the future, collecting ideas on how eParticipation can improve the way public administrations work and are perceived by citizens.

Suggested workshop topics include but are not limited to: 

  • Analyse eParticipation initiatives: successes, take-up and impact;
  • Re-use of existing eParticipation building blocks for collaboration and content management;
  • eParticipation social and legal landscape;
  • Links of eParticipation systems with political situation, digital literacy, infrastructure, information sources and communication media in the EU eParticipation platforms vs. other engaging initiatives i.e. the Wikipedia, Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter Successful eParticipation initiatives (local, regional, national, European);
  • The future of eParticipation.

You are invited to participate as a speaker.

To be considered by the Commission for a speaker placement for this event, kindly send a summary of one page of your intended presentation before 13 September.

European Commission