The PASTA project develops new electronic packaging and interconnexion technology for manufacturing large area smart textiles. It also provides a new way to approach decoration and safety, sensors monitoring in mechanical construction, bed linen for hospitals, RFID for manufacturing and storage monitoring and intelligent car seat heating.

Interior designers always have to deal with the decorative and security aspects when thinking about restaurant and hotel decoration. Safety equipments like evacuation lighting have hence to be integrated in special ambiance and usually, this can not be done in an aesthetic way. In the PASTA FP7 project several technologies will make possible the development of a new concept in the field of decorative textiles with security features integration.

But the discoveries made by PASTA can be applied also in bedlinen  for a more comfortable and safer living.  The bedlinen demonstrator has integrated  electronic parts to control and measure humidity through for example bed wetting and changes in the pattern who and how long a person lay in a specific position.

PASTA is also used in the creation of smart textiles which can be used for example in anti-counterfeiting. Customer demands for performance characteristics, including durable water repellence, waterproofness, windproofness, breathability, easy care and comfort, are fulfilled.