2010 will see two satellite projects kicked-off to further strengthen the VPHOP cluster. The first is called NMS Physiome, where NMS stands for NeuroMusculoSkeletal, and define a three years cooperation between some partners of VPHOP and some partners of SIMBIOS, the USA NIH Center for physics-based Simulation of Biological Structures established at Stanford University (http://simbios.stanford.edu/) and the second project, named MSV, aims to extend the MAF software we shall use in VPHOP to develop the end-user applications with capabilities to provide interactive visualisation of data defined on radically different spatiotemporal scales. This goal is pursued in collaboration with NA-MIC, the USA NIH National Alliance for Medical Image Computing Center (http://www.na-mic.org/). To follow the VPHOP project, subscribe to the newsletter.