Have you ever been stuck behind a rubbish removal truck? Not exactly practical, especially in cities with narrow streets and dense traffic. Dustbots - little friendly fat dustbins on wheels with a face - might be a remedy for this.

They turn up on your doorstep when you call them, collect your rubbish and drop it off at the nearest rubbish collection point. A neat and clean solution.

This episode of Futuris not only shows us Dustbots from Italy, but also Urus, a future tourist guide. This white man-sized robot waves its arms at you and is designed to guide your way through the sites of major cities. It is helped by a navigating system made out of WIFI and Sensors and map-making robots that pave its way. Both types of robots have one main challenge: They have to navigate through cars and people. Leading scientists are working on tackling the problem.

See also : Dustbot website

See also : URUS Project website

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