Following the publication of the Interim Assessment of the Future Internet Public Private Partnership Programme1 (FI-PPP) in May 2012, this report provides a follow-up on the recommendations presented therein.

The Interim Assessment of the FI-PPP was done by an independent panel of experts on the Future Internet Public-Private Partnership (FI-PPP). The objectives of the assessment were to:
• evaluate the concept of the FI-PPP;
• assess progress in the first year;
• offer recommendations to the European Commission and to participants in the FI-PPP;
• bring forward proposals for how to further develop the FI-PPP;
• contribute to the guidelines for public-private partnerships in Horizon 2020.

This document comprises the responses to the recommendations of the Interim Assessment of the FI-PPP, which includes 14 recommendations towards three different target groups:
• 5 for the European Commission concerning Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) in Horizon 2020. The European Commission has answered them taking into account the state-of-play of the preparations for Horizon 2020 at the time of publication of this response, i.e. December 2012.
• 4 for the participants in the present FI-PPP. The European Commission has solicited a response from the current participants of the FI-PPP.
• 5 for the Commission concerning the present FI-PPP.

Updated version from 16 January 2013

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