The Commission has adopted a decision to reserve two Europe-wide helpline numbers. The freephone numbers 116111 and 116123 are aimed at children and adults who are seeking emotional support.

The 116111 helpline number for children is the second number that the Commission had identified as a priority in its communication "Towards an EU strategy on the rights of the child". While the first such number, 116000, was reserved for reporting missing children, 116111 is aimed at children who want someone to listen to them and who can provide assistance. It will allow children to express their worries and talk about problems that directly affect them.

116123 will be reserved for services offering adults someone to listen to their worries. It will offer a moral support to lonely people, persons who are in a psychological crisis or who think about committing suicide.

Supplying these services under 116111 and 116123 on the whole EU territory will be entirely entrusted to national organisations.. Candidate organisations that would like to offer these helplines can apply through their national telecom regulatory authority during spring 2008.

The 116000 number is being gradually implemented at national level. It has already been assigned in four EU Member States: Belgium, Denmark, Greece and Portugal. It is available for candidate organisations in eight other Member States and should be made available everywhere in Europe at the start of next year.

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