The European Commission launched on 10th of July a proposal to create a Public-Private Partnership in the sector of electronic components and systems which will lead to job creation, increased competitiveness and better lives.

In a breakout session organised by the EC, Member States representatives and Industry Associations from stakeholders strongly supported the proposal to create ECSEL, a new Joint Undertaking to operate in the context of Horizon 2020.

The major players in the fields of nanoelectronics (ENIAC), embedded systems (ARTEMIS) and smart systems (EPoSS) who will all join forces under the new ECSEL, unanimously saluted the proposal.

Mr Wild, Schutz and Lugert emphasised that this is "the result of a concerted effort made by industry and the public authorities to create a new programme that builds on lessons learned and looks towards the future needs of our society".

The industry CEOs / Vice presidents from AVL (Helmut List), BOSCH (Harald Honniger) and INFINEON (Monika Kircher-Kohl) also expressed their commitment to the ambitious plans of the proposal.

Member States representatives (Ben Ruck –NL and Aldo Covello – IT) wholeheartedly welcomed the proposal.

The meeting was chaired by Khalil Rouhana, Director for "Components and System" in DG CONNECT. It was followed by a press conference of Vice President Neelie Kroes and Commissioner Geoghegan-Quinn on EU and industry common effort to commit altogether €22 billion in an innovation investment package through partnerships.

NEXT STEPS: The Commission proposal will now be discussed in the Council and the European Parliament. It is expected to be adopted early 2014.   

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