Only 22% of EU citizens could spontaneously identify 112 as the number to call for emergency services anywhere in the EU. A recent EU-wide survey has found that there is significant room for national authorities to better inform their citizens. The Commission is therefore calling on Member States to boost awareness of 112. Since the EU Telecoms Rules entered into force in 2003, 26 of the 27 Member States have made it possible for citizens to call 112 from fixed and mobile phones. An infringement proceeding against Bulgaria for lack of availability of 112 is still pending (see IP/07/1530). Improving awareness of 112 both inside a country and when going abroad is now the next logical step in ensuring effective implementation of 112, as only informed citizens will be able to make use of 112 in case of accidents. Following a call from the European Parliament in September 2007, the Commission is using today's date, 11 February (11/2), to raise awareness about 112.