In the context of the Global Internet Policy Observatory (GIPO) initiative, the European Commission is launching a call for tenders for the Technical development of the online GIPO platform

The main objective of the tender is the technical development of the GIPO on-line web-based platform for monitoring Internet-related policy, regulatory and technological developments across the world.

GIPO aims to increase expertise and understanding among all actors, including countries, NGOs and interest groups which may have so far been marginalised in Internet debates and decisions.

The GIPO online platform will perform mainly the following functions:

  • using Information and Communication Technologies to continuously monitor and gather information and data on Internet-related policy developments, making full use of "big data" technologies;
  • identify links between different fora and discussions, with the objective to overcome "policy silos", contextualise information and identify policy trends;
  • provide easy-to-use access to data via dashboards and other modern visualisation techniques.

Announcement on eTendering

No documents are dispatched to interested parties either on paper or on any form of storage for digital files.

Time limit for receipt of tenders: 22/09/2014 at 16:00