The Trento FI-WARE/EIT ICT Lab Challenge is awarding 2 x €25,000 to find the most innovative applications based on FI-WARE technologies.

The ICT Labs lead one of the support actions which takes FI-WARE technologies (generic and specific enablers) into a wider landscape of innovation hubs throughout Europe. They will work on making the Generic Enablers sustainable beyond the Future Internet PPP.

This Trento initiative is related to the establishment of local FI-PPP offices and an event dedicated to local SMEs, start-ups and intermediaries, giving them opportunities for phase III and what’s going on related to FI-WARE/FI-PPP in Trento. 

During the first period (from June 16 to July 16) participants can submit their ideas. Then, all the submitted ideas will be evaluated by a independent committee. Finally, the best two ideas will access the second phase (September 1 to December 31). During this phase, the selected teams will receive money prizes up to €25,000 each, to actually develop the idea.

For more information, please visit  FI-PPP@Trentino