The EU-funded project Sustains has won the 'Grand Prize' for being the best ICT in healthcare-project in Sweden. The project gives citizens online access to their electronic health records.

The winners

The Sustains eHealth service, managed by the County Council of Uppsala, is an increasing success in Sweden. Since it took off about one year ago, the service registered over 40,000 users who are now utilising access to their personal health records and other administrative services. This way, patients are more empowered and involved in their treatment.

The service coordinators are delighted to be awarded for their efforts. On 27 November they received the prize out of the hands from a representative of the Swedish Ministry of Health.

"We know that this would not have been a reality had the concept not been supported by the European Union", says Benny Eklund, Sustains project coordinator.

Important prize

The 'Grand Prize' is organised every year by two Swedish magazines, Computer Sweden and Dagens Medicin. It is considered to be the most important prize for ICT (Information and Communication Technology) in healthcare in Sweden.

Article in the Dagens Medicin: Uppsalas e-journaler prisas

The Sustains project is part of the EU Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme (CIP).