The project's kick-off meeting was successfully celebrated and enjoyed an important media attention. All partners were represented by a number of members directly involved in the development of INSIDDE. INSIDDE - INtegration of cost-effective Solutions for Imaging, Detection, and Digitisation of hidden Elements in paintings - aims to provide an innovative solution for capturing, imaging, and digitising unknown details of paintings and 3D artworks by means of terahertz technology in a unique approach, with the purpose of going beyond our present knowledge and adding value to the cultural content. A versatile, easy to configure and affordable prototype – working in different frequency bands within the THz region – will provide a complete set of images of the paintings and sealed objects, revealing complementary information about its hidden features – such as underlying contents, pigment/substance identification, brushstroke texture, defects – through various processing techniques. The resulting enriched images and 3D models will be exploited in two manners: integrating them into the professional knowledge-sharing platform Europeana and developing an innovative smartphone application based on Augmented Reality.