Enter SAShE, Slovakia’s largest online portal for handmade goods that presents and sells the best work of some 8,000 skillful designers, producers and craftspeople, both amateur and professional.

Rich online portal SAShE showcases the best of Slovakian creative talent. So many countries have wonderful home-grown crafts and artisan industries yet do not necessarily have the technical savvy or resources to make their skills known to a broader audience.

The website’s founder, Alexandra Smidakova, quickly understood the important role of rich content and social media in attracting users’ attention and has succeeded in creating a huge following on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

The platform is also enriched with video tutorials and helpful advice to give users real added value. SAShE.sk has handled more than 350,000 orders since its creation and the number of followers and customers keeps on growing. “Seeing all the comments and messages from our followers is pretty amazing, especially as things were slow at the start. But as my mum used to say, you need to look ahead and think about where you want to be a little further down the road. You can’t let initial drawbacks stop you” says Alexandra.

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