A successful business comes from a bright idea and a great team. Goldee is a shining example of that…literally

Goldee is a smart light controlling system that caters for users rather than the other way around. A ‘sunrise alarm’ provides gentle rays in the morning, whilst ‘smart on’ and ‘smart off’ turn the lights off when someone leaves the house and back on again when they return. The lights fade out as they fall asleep and if someone wakes up in the middle of the night a dim glow helps them find their way around. There is even a security setting that simulates a presence when the homeowner is out.

The company has just introduced a new Android app and is looking to integrate the use of LED bulbs to make the product even more efficient. They are also working on a Lighting Library to offer different dynamic lighting scenes and moods. The creative possibilities are endless.

Young intrepid entrepreneur Tomas Baran began the Startup on his own in 2013 but has since built a team of 10 and which continues to grow along with the product. ‘Our goal and toughest challenge from the outset was and is to find the best people’ says Tomas. It is this determination that is a key factor in the company’s success.

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