Tracking down a rare car part or buying several missing engine parts can be a time-consuming business taking away from the main task of repairing or customising that car.

Not anymore. Net Peças fills this market gap by putting automotive workshops and scrapyard facilities in touch via an online platform that allows them to easily buy and sell car parts.

Net Peças is the brainchild of 24-year old entrepreneur Luís Vieira whose idea took off thanks to the support of business incubators Startup Lisboa and UPTEC. This support gave the startup strong market credibility and today Net Peças has more than 300 automotive workshop customers surfing the website to find that perfect part and some 70 scrapyard facilities selling them.

Luís believes that “the help we got from startup incubators was a determining factor in our success. We now really feel capable of surpassing the challenges that we have ahead of us”. Those challenges include plans for international expansion this year and in 2015 into Spain, Germany, Poland, the Netherlands and the UK.

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