The largest independent Android app store which allows to setup and manage your own Android Market.

Calling all app fans! Thanks to Portuguese startup Aptoide, app users no longer need to keep all their Android apps on a single, centralised store…each user can dig into as many appstores as he/she wants to create and manage their own database.

5.8 million app enthusiasts already use Aptoide today and its founders, Paulo Trezentos and Alvaro Pinto hope to see that number rise to an incredible 100 million users within 3 years. In the complex world of app development, being able to share and develop knowledge and experience through European research projects is just as important as funding.

Aptoide’s participation in 2 such projects, MANCOOSI and its predecessor EDOS, were vital in helping them overcome the challenges of open source software. According to Pinto, “this support was critical for our success. Sharing knowledge and practices with European partners made our teams set more ambitious goals.

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