Nowadays, all successful businesses need to make the most of new technology. Italian Startup Beintoo is an example of how young entrepreneurs can bring technology to the next level and use it as an opportunity to change the game.

With Beintoo everybody wins. Gamers are rewarded with real-world prizes as well as ‘Bedollars’, whilst brands can make the most of mobile advertising. With innovative gamified apps, Beintoo is changing the way that brands engage with their customers. BeClub, Beintoo’s mobile engagement platform, works on three main principles:

  • It creates engaging and rewarding experiences for gamers around the world;
  • It gives brands the opportunity to capture the imagination of millions of mobile users;
  • It helps app publishers to reward user activity, increase revenues and grow their user-base.

Using this innovative business model and with help from a starting investment by Business Angel, Beintoo has already achieved successful results since its beginning in 2011. It is becoming increasingly popular on a global level, with headquarters in New York, Milan and Shanghai. The company was founded by CEO Antonio Tomarchio, who was also co-founder of a previous successful startup in online advertising called Adright, which is now part of Dada Spa.  With his wealth of experience and creativity he is a role model for young entrepreneurs who want to start a business in ICT. CFO of Beintoo Antonio Rindone says, ‘whilst those in their 40s and 50s might see the world of IT and ICT as a risk, young people can view it as an amazing opportunity.’

Find out more about Beintoo and the team on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

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