In the business world, you have to learn from your mistakes in order to succeed. Teach’nGo is a prime example of how persistence is often the key to success.

Haris Petrasitis and Natalie Masrujeh have worked together for years on various projects, some successful, others less so. Their e-commerce site seemed to be flourishing before its sales dropped and the business had to close. But out of the ashes of past businesses, Teach’nGo, the team’s latest startup, was born and has been gaining ground ever since.

Teach’nGo is a learning management system, designed for professional education providers. The system organises course management, online teaching and payment tracking, allowing educators to spend less time doing routine tasks and more time teaching. Teach’nGo won 2nd prize at the 2013 Cyprus Entrepreneurship Competition and with operations in Cyprus and the Netherlands and users in 15 countries, it is becoming increasingly competitive globally.

With their wealth of experience, Haris and Natalie encourage young people to consider a career in ICT and web entrepreneurship as it is possible to develop a product that can be sold quickly and globally at a relatively low cost. For Haris, “you have limitless opportunities. All you have to do is select a great team of at least three people that you can trust, and that you can stand to be with 24/7.”  

For further information on Teach’nGo, follow them on Facebook or visit their website.

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