Cypriot software startup InfoScreen is well on its way to achieving the end goal of most startups: becoming the player of reference in its field. InfoScreen’s premium management and secretarial software solution, Quorum, is helping law firms, auditing offices and fiduciaries organise and manage their tasks in the most efficient way possible, leaving them more time to concentrate on their core business.

This game-changing technology has already won over 70% of its relevant market, has created jobs in Cyprus, Serbia and Hong Kong and is now aiming to expand to other international markets, particularly in Asia. With such success it’s no surprise that InfoScreen’s founder, Tony Ellinas, was nominated for the “Man of the Year 2013” award in the category of “Best Manager.”

The startup’s meteoric rise was helped by a great team as well as by the European structural funds received to support development. Tony is confident that the services industry has a prosperous future in Cyprus thanks to the highly skilled, knowledgeable workforce available. “You can do wonders with a team of two people so you should just go for it. Be the best in what you do and follow the dream.”

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