“If you have an idea for a business, it does not need to be a mind-blowing innovation; it just needs to solve a problem you understand well” says Cypriot entrepreneur Yiannis Gavrielides, co-founder of Covve. Find out how Covve has turned a simple concept into a useful product with the potential to be an important business facilitator.

Created by Yiannis along with his partner Alex Protogerellis, Covve is an online application that reinvents the professional address book.  Thanks to a highly intuitive interface which allows a contact network to be visualized, professionals can better understand the reach of their address book and how that contact network can be used in the world of business. Covve has been designed with privacy and data protection as top priorities, whilst its innovative tools means the address book is always kept up to date.

Following successful testing and alpha launch and with backing from EU structural funds and investors such as Data Elite, Covve has been publicly launched in July. For Yannis, now is the perfect time for budding Cypriot entrepreneurs to strike out on their own. “The appetite for investment in startups is high and so are government grants aiming to boost innovation and entrepreneurship. All these leave few excuses not to consider entrepreneurship in technology.” Yannis and investor Theo Middleton are further adding to the opportunities for support with their company Invelopment Partners which helps young, talented individuals in the ICT/web sector to set up their business.

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