This study comprises (1) a review of the existing literature on the socio-economic benefits of broadband access; (2) a high-level research on the technologies that are capable of delivering download speeds of at least 30Mbit/s to the mass-market by 2020; (3) the preparation of case studies describing local or regional markets where very high-speed Internet is widely used; (4) the development of a model to examine the demand for 30Mbit/s+ broadband in EU member states plus Croatia, Iceland Norway, and Turkey to 2020, the extent to which this demand would be met by commercial broadband roll-outs, the cost of commercial roll-outs and the cost of extending terrestrial broadband coverage to a larger proportion of the population in each country; and (5) the development of models to examine the overall socio-economic impact of investing in high-speed broadband.

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