The purpose of this study is to collect and analyse up-to-date information on the digital skills content of today's jobs.

The study will produce an estimate of the proportion of jobs in the EU and its Member States, also by sector, that require digital skills, provide evidence on the level/type of digital skills (basic users skills ('digital competence'), advanced user skills, operational or social media skills, programming and ICT professional skills, eBusiness skills, etc.) required by different jobs and in different sectors, and how the need for such skills has changed over the past few years and is expected to change in the future. The study should identify the main digital skills gaps in different occupational categories and economic sectors and collect information on how employers deal with ICT/digital skills gaps and the main bottlenecks/barriers to improved availability of digital skills/digitally skilled staff. To this end, in addition to the use of existing relevant data from.

Announcement on eTendering

Time limit for receipt of tenders: 26/09/2014 at 17:00