The project T-AREA-SOS has produced a state-of-the-art report for the domain System of Systems (SoS). System of Systems is a collection of task-oriented or dedicated systems that pool their resources and capabilities together to create a new, more complex system which offers more functionality and performance than simply the sum of the constituent systems. The highly and increasingly connected nature of modern society means that the existence of SoS is an unavoidable factor of modern life, driving the need for better techniques to analyse, design for, manage, and retire SoS and the individual systems that contribute to SoS.

The report covers a broad range of aspects such as

• Trade-off

• Standards

• SoS Architectures

• The Open Approach to SoS Engineering

• SoS Modelling and Simulation

• SoS Network Enablement

• SoS Validation and Verification

• SoS Qualification and Assurance

• Management, Control and Operation of SoS

• Complex Socio-Technical Features of SoS

• SoS Performance Measurement

• SoS Technical and Engineering Governance

• Risk Mitigation in SoS

• Training

For further information, please vist the website of the project.

T-Area SoS Project was funded by the European Commission under the Seventh Framework Programme.

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