The European Commission has adopted a revised General Block Exemption Regulation (GBER) for state aid. The Regulation is part of the State Aid Modernisation (SAM) (see IP/12/458), setting an ambitious reform program of state aid control fostering sustainable, smart and inclusive growth. One of the components of SAM is the increased flexibility given to Member States to grant state aid without prior notification and approval by the Commission, provided that certain conditions are met.

The GBER sets out the categories of aid and the conditions under which aid measures can benefit from such an exemption.


- Aid for culture and heritage conservation: This is a new category of aid in the GBER - which covers a wide scope of cultural purposes and activities. The support can take the form of investment or operating aid. The block exemption will cover the vast majority of aid granted by Member States in support of this objective.

- Aid to schemes for audio-visual works: The GBER will cover the vast majority of audio-visual aid schemes and a large number of beneficiaries. The compatibility conditions set out in the GBER are based on the Cinema Communication (see IP/13/1074).

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