The StartUp Europe Roadshow will stop at the Google Campus in London on Friday 20 June 2014. The focus of this workshop will be 'What is New in Business Support for ICT Entrepreneurs?'

London is the next leg of the StartUp Europe Roadshow as innovators and young entrepreneurs get the opportunity to meet their mentors at the Google Campus on Friday 20 June 2014 from 8AM to 3PM. The Roadshow is the perfect occasion for young innovators to fine-tune their business plans and drive their ideas to the frontline of the ICT market.

The London workshop will focus on the What is New in Business Support for ICT Entrepreneurs? #StartUpShow [tweet me].The next stop of the StartUp Europe Roadshow will be Lisbon on 10 July 2014.

The workshops are run by the European Young Innovators Forum (EYIF) and run until September 2014. For more information about the StartUp Europe Roadshow visit the EYIF website here: