The Startup Europe Roadshow kicked off in Poznan on February 27. The event gave students and young graduates the chance to meet and learn from successful ICT entrepreneurs. They also received information on EU funding opportunities for young entrepreneurs. Find out more about the successful stories presented on this occasion.

The role models

  • Łukasz Olek is the Co-Founder of Currency One SA which run two leading online foreign exchange platforms, one of which,, is the leader of online foreign currency exchange in Poland with 125k+ customers. His advice to the audience was: "Don’t be afraid to take a risk. If it fails at least you have a good story to tell. If it works you have an even better story to tell. Think big!"
  • Piotr Miklosik is the co-founder and IT Director of Mindseater Ltd, a company that develops IT solutions – most notably a new platform for ordering and managing IT projects. He also advised the young graduates to "Do it! Try to make your own path, think outside the box and focus on things you like. Work with your friends and people you trust – this will really make your work fun as well as improve your chance for success. Don’t waste your time – this is one thing you can never get back."

You can find out more about Łukasz and Piotr stories on

Interestested in more successful stories?

The Startup Europe Roadshow is coming to ten different cities across Europe until September this year. Full details regarding the other events can be found on the EYIF website.