The STARTS symposium explored the catalytic role of the Arts for innovation in business, industry and society. An informal report on the event has been produced by 2 moderators.

Today, an increasing number of high tech companies and research institutions, world-wide, assert that the critical skills needed for innovation to happen and to be of value for society are – in addition to scientific and technological skills –skills such as creativity and capacity to involve all of society in the process of innovation. In this context, the Arts are gaining prominence as a catalyst for an efficient conversion of S&T knowledge into novel products, services, and processes.

Art is no longer disconnected. “L'Art pour l'Art” is no longer true. The 21st century is about trans-disciplinarity between culture and technology, away from the pure engineering and standardization of the 20th century. But the variety of artistic practices in contemporary art is yet to be acknowledged and fully incorporated.

Working at the nexus between Science, Technology, and the ARTS, we begin to see opportunities for piloting cross-sectorial collaboration to enhance and promote innovation. To foster such collaboration, the European Commission is launching its STARTS –S&T&ARTS programme.