This study aims to gather data about the amount of public procurements of research and development that are taking place in the Member States and that are not tendered EU wide. The purpose is to quantify the data in such a way that also allows the identification of R&D procurement expenditure across areas of public sector activity, and across categories of expenditure, in particular for this study focusing on ICT related goods and services procured. This study should be carried out in line with R&D expenditure measurement methodologies already used in official yearly statistics, scoreboards and benchmarking exercises relating to R&D expenditure across Europe in comparison with the rest of the world developed by EUROSTAT in cooperation with member states' national statistics offices, OECD and the European Commission. The study is taking place in the context of the Digital Agenda for Europe and wider Innovation Union objectives to enable more informed decision making when it comes to designing policies for encouraging innovation from the public demand side, such as pre-commercial procurement. The study should be carried out in view of developing guidelines for policy makers to set up a systematic way of collecting this type of national data in the future.