...Year 3141 ...PI Solar System ...Elliptic Orbit 59

  ...An unknown invasion force has entered the Solar system, home of the Human Conglomerate.

 Powered by hyper-drives engines, these battleships can break through space and attack undefended locations at any time. Their goal remains unknown.

 The HC has launched a program called Project Skye: a defense unit, capable of intercepting enemy incursions over short distances. The invaders may appear anywhere. Can the project Skye save humanity?

Project Skye

Skye Wars showcases Augmented Reality technology and the pervasive games platform of FI-PPP project FI-CONTENT 2.

The Pervasive games platform demonstrates a strong mix of real life and Internet experience in a playful way and shows advances in 3D or virtual world environments in a way that becomes immersive and ‘’real’’.

The platform focuses on multiplayer mobile gaming that leverages the future Internet technology in order to enable large groups of users to participate in innovative mobile gameplay experiences.

The Pervasive games platform is one of the platforms that will be available in phase 3 of the FI-PPP to build applications and services.

Skye Wars can be downloaded via iTunes.