SPOCS (Simple Procedures Online for Cross-Border Services) was a CIP large-scale pilot project that was active between May 2009 and December 2012. SPOCS aimed to build the next generation of online portals (Point of Single Contact or PSC), which every European country now has in place, through the availability of high impact cross-border electronic procedures.

What happens when a project ends? Sustainability kicks-in, which basically represents the continuity of work done.

A great example of sustainability is what happened in Romania, when the "Travel Agent" profession procedure was initiated after the SPOCS pilot project phase was finished (31.12.2012). In late January of 2013, the National Institute for Research and Development in Informatics – ICI Bucharest, together with the National Centre for "Digital Romania" (now the "Agency for the Digital Agenda of Romania") and  the Ministry for Tourism and Regional Development launched on the Romanian Point of Single Contact (PSC) the "Travel Agent" procedure. This is an important e-Business component that brings Romania – and any other EU member state that would like to engage in e-business – a step closer to the Digital Single Market as promoted by the Digital Agenda!

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