The session "Evidence and decision making when going beyond pilots" is hands-on: How to deploy telemedicine and integrated care services in European regions? Can we convince the care sector that telemedicine has added value?

EU-funded projects such as Renewing Health, United4Health and SmartCare aim to deploy innovative telemedicine services and integrated care services in Europe, both in real life and in a large diversity of European regions.

Their initiatives are introduced and discussed in this session taking place during the eHealth Forum in Athens on Wednesday 14 May 2014, 14:00-16:00, Hall 3.

The objectives of these projects are: to provide evidence of clinical effectiveness and quality of life improvement emerging from specific interventions in different settings; and to assess economic and organisational outcomes.

The experience of Renewing Health demonstrates that some evidence can be provided through an approach that uses Randomized Controlled Trials. However, to better assess the economic and organisational impacts of an intervention, a real-life based approach is needed.

This is one of the lessons that both United4health and SmartCare have learned, and are applying. SmartCare adds a social care dimension to that of healthcare.

Moderator: Mr Esteban de Manuel Keenoy, Centro de Investigación en Chronicidad (Spain) (tbc)


  • Looking at a care continuum. The integration challenge – bringing together the care and cure sectors, by Albert Alonso, International Foundation for Integrated Care (IFIC) (Spain)
  • Renewing Health - Large-scale evaluation of telemedicine services in nine European Regions. Why did we find a combination of positive and negative results in Renewing Health? Christina Wanscher, Renewing Health (Denmark)
  • Applying Evidence-Based Medicine with Telehealth – the clinician view. Assessing the impact of telehealth/telemedicine either via an RCT or an observational study - the voice of a clinician. Assist. Prof. Alexandra Bargiota, United4Health (Greece)
  • Traditional care + ICT = > expensive traditional care: the need for service redesign. Innovation in healthcare and social care - the need for service redesign, Marco d’Angelantonio, SmartCare (Belgium)

Contact: Marc Lange