On the 12 and 13th Feb 2004, over 250 international experts in the field of eDemocracy assembled in Brussels to discuss the implications information technology has, and is having upon our democracy. European Commissioner Erkki Liikanen opened the seminar stating that ICT empowers citizens. eGovernment can make governments more relevant to citizens by increasing participation and involvement in decision-making. It can help restore ownership: the government is of the people. The Commissioner also highlighted some of existing immaturity of technologies and invited the assembled academics, industry and politicians to discuss challenges and priorities for future eDemocracy research.The seminar was an opportunity to highlight achievements and landmark national projects, as well as look forward to how the challenges can be addressed. Projects and presentations at the seminar showed that eDemocracy has indeed great potential to overcome the ‘democratic deficit’ and pilots have already shown usable results. eDemocracy is developing fast and participants welcomed the seminar as a unique opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences across the Europe. The complete agenda and the slide presentations of the speakers can be found at the eGovernment website, while the Seminar report will be made available by the 28th Feb. 2004.