The 2nd Interim Evaluation ran from September 2012 to February 2013 with the assistance of independent experts and, broadly, assessed the ARTEMIS and ENIAC JUs in terms of relevance, effectiveness, efficiency and research quality.

The ARTEMIS and ENIAC Joint Technology Initiatives (JTIs) were established in February 2008 in order to devise and implement strategic research programmes in the areas of, respectively, embedded systems and nanoelectronics.

The ARTEMIS and ENIAC JTIs are public-private partnerships jointly funded by industry, research organisations, participating Member States and the Commission's own ICT programme.

The 2nd Interim Evaluation assessed the ARTEMIS and ENIAC JUs in terms of:

  • Relevance - are the original assumptions that led to the establishment of the JUs still relevant? Are the strategic research agendas of the JUs still relevant? What is the level of engagement of key stakeholders with the JUs?
  • Effectiveness - What progress has been made towards meeting the objectives? Have the recommendations of the 1st Interim Evaluation been acted upon?
  • Efficiency - Are the JUs managed and operated efficiently?
  • Research Quality - Do the JUs sponsors world-class research that helps propel Europe to an internationally-leading position in the relevant sectors?

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