The healthcare staff of the municipality of Örebro (southern Sweden) rates highly the National Patient Summary (Nationell patientöversikt - NPÖ, in Swedish) service. Nine out of ten NPÖ users are 'satisfied' or 'very satisfied' with it, and more than 60 % of them believe that it has been highly or very highly beneficial for their work, according to a recent survey. The National Patient Summary enables qualified healthcare staff to access, with the patient's consent, online medical records filed by other caregivers and thereby obtain a comprehensive snapshot of the patient's health. This provides a better basis for diagnosis, treatment and monitoring while facilitating healthcare coordination between the healthcare professionals involved. The survey was conducted at the end of 2011 by a market research company for Inera AB - a software company jointly owned by the Swedish counties - which develops IT services on behalf of the Centre for eHealth in Sweden (CeHis) such as the NPÖ project.