The conference discussed the implementation of the Dublin Declaration and topics such as student entrepreneurship, open innovation digital platforms, regional information modelling and digitalized services.

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The OI2 Conference 2015

The Open Innovation 2.0 Conference, edition 2015, took place in Espoo, Finland. During the two-day conference the themes built on the outcomes of the previous two editions of the event including European Innovation Governance, Scale-up of Open Innovation in Practise; as well as Creating Open Regional Innovation Ecosystems in Europe. The event is brought together some 350 participants and innovation leaders from all over the world.

Following the tradition the conference was organised by the European Commission DG CONNECT's Open Innovation Group (OISPG) together with Intel Labs Europe, kindly supported by Aalto University, City of Espoo and other partners. Save the date and follow our Open Innovation page and social media for updates.

You can find more photos from the Conference taken by Kim Ekman.

Aalto Camp for Societal Innovation (ACSI) preceding the OI2 Conference

The OI2 Conference in June 2015 was preceded by an international ACSI innovation camp for collaborative solution seeking (5th-7th June). During the three-day camp multidisciplinary groups developed new ideas and perspectives on real-world challenges brought to the camp by cities, regions, business organisations, universities and NGO's .

The ASCI camp was co-developed by Aalto University and the New Club of Paris.

More information about the Camp you can find among the documents at the bottom of the page as well as in our Newsroom.

Innovation Luminary Awards Ceremony 2015

The Innovation Luminary Award Ceremony took place on 8th June 2015. The event is an integral part of the Open Innovation 2.0 Conference and serves the purpose of honouring thought leaders in modern innovation from Academia, Civil society, Private and Public sectors, while it highlights out-of-the-box thinking, courage and curiosity as essential components for true innovation.

The Innovation Luminary Awards Ceremony honoured pioneers of innovative thinking from a range of fields.
  •     Arts and Creativity in Innovation Winner - EVA-MARIA BOERSCHLEIN
  •     Democratizing Innovation Winner - ERIC VON HIPPEL
  •     Finnish Innovation Champion Winner - RISTO SIILASMAA
  •     Creating Open Engagement Platforms Winner - JIM JAGIELSKI
  •     Driving Citizen Co-Creativity Winner - DUBLIN CITY COUNCIL
  •     Young Innovation Champion Winner - MIKI KUUSI

OI2 Conference 2015 Presentations




European Commission, DG CONNECT, OISPG, Intel Labs Europe, Aalto University, City of Espoo