Today’s internet is at a crossroads. In addition to the rise in users and the interactions between them, the way in which we use the internet is evolving to take account of new developments, from big data and content, to the Internet of Things, cloud computing and the Internet of Services. Such developments will take us to a new era of digital societies and economies based on agile, adaptive and dynamic collaboration between organisations, communities and individuals with ubiquitous and instantaneous access to information.

The challenge for Europe is to maintain its leading role in research on cloud computing, software and services. Pioneering work in these areas can promote European industry’s competitiveness and promote growth and jobs throughout the European Union. From 2007, when the first FP7 call was launched, 97 projects under the areas of software engineering, Internet services and cloud computing were funded with a total of €356 million.

The main goal has been and remains accelerating the development and deployment of cloud computing and increasing Europe’s ability to design and deliver innovative internet services.

Over the past seven years, research and innovation projects in these areas have spearheaded the development of novel cloud architectures and technologies introducing, among other innovations, intelligent resource management and agile elastic scalability.

Furthermore, several research activities have focused on the implementation of advanced service platforms which exploit the capabilities of innovative software engineering tools and methods in order to deliver composite internet and cloud services. In addition, particular attention was given to the development of open source software solutions.

Research activities were framed by a large set of Coordination and Support Actions. Such activities were focused on collaboration among research projects, standardisation, training, outreach and dissemination in the areas of cloud computing, software and services.

Two of our current projects are funded under the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme (CIP). Both focus on mobile business applications using the cloud, see descriptions on page 22.

The following pages present just some of the projects funded in these areas under FP7 and CIP.

  1. Including international cooperation projects, pre-commercial procurement and budget increase for ongoing projects


(Article from net-cloud future magazine (2013) - for complete magazine click here)