The workshop, which took place in a productive atmosphere, was hosted by the European Commission and conducted by Analysys Mason who is carrying out the Study "Analysis of technology trends, future needs and demand for spectrum in line with Art.9 of the RSPP" on behalf of the Commission. The workshop was open to all interested stakeholders and became an opportunity to provide input to the Study team. The Study is focussing on the demand side of spectrum inventory. The workshop dealt with several application groupings. Technological factors that are likely to have the most significant impact on the future demand for spectrum were identified for each application grouping. The technological factors will form a basis for a more detailed analysis of technology trends. The results of the workshop represent an important contribution to the Commission’s on-going work on spectrum inventory, as required by Article 9 of the Radio Spectrum Policy Programme. For more details, please download the programme and slide presentation of the Study team.

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