On 1 April 2014 a technical workshop on “Green Data Centres: policy measures, methodologies and metrics” was hosted by the European Commission premises in Brussels. The interest of the Commission in Green Data Centres was triggered by the substantial increase in energy consumption and the general environmental impact during use, production and end-of-life of the data centres, and the forecast that their energy consumption will largely outpace the general growth in energy consumption and production.

The aim of the workshop was to get views and discuss the following topics:

• Is there a lack of environmental policy measures and publicly available data on data centres?
• Is there a need of new metrics / harmonisation of existing ones on the environmental impact of data centres?
• Should the Data Centre, in the context of environmental policy measures/methodologies/metrics, be approached as a system or should it be approached as its individual components?

This workshop was placed in context of the Digital Agenda for Europe and it complemented and built upon earlier developments including the Commission's ICT-Footprint initiative , a related cost/benefit study, workshop and survey held, and the new Smart Cities initiative.
Participants at the workshop were ICT industry professionals (data centre operators and providers, equipment manufacturers, consultancies, industry associations, etc.), Standards Developing Organisations, European Commission DG CONNECT and key NGOs.
The work and the outcome of the workshop were summarised in a report by an independent rapporteur. A link to the report can be found below. The rapporteur has compiled the report based on the background material provided by the participants, as well as presentations and discussions during the workshop.

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