27 January 2011, agenda, minutes

·         Review of the PSI Directive: overview and calendar of work, Richard Swetenham, EC

·         Results of the public on-line consultation on the PSI Directive, Grazyna Piesiewicz-Stepniewska, EC

·        Ongoing studies for the review of the PSI Directive: Economic studies and PSI and the cultural sector, Grazyna Piesiewicz-Stepniewska and Juan Pelegrin, EC

·         Best technology practices on publishing and consuming government open data: recent EU developments, Stefano Bertolo, EC

·         The re-use of PSI: the optimal pricing model, Julien Pénin, BETA - University of Strasbourg

·         National rules and policy following the PSI directive. From the transposition law to the adoption of Creative Commons: The Greek case, Kalliopi Angeletopoulou, Greece

·         Recent PSI re-use developments in the EU, Ton Zijlstra, Interdependent Thoughts

·         The Follow up to the PSI Platform project, Tom Kronenburg, Zenc

·         Towards a standard agenda for PSI, Thomas Roessler, W3C and Margot Dor, ETSI