The European Commission has launched a public consultation seeking input from citizens, organisations, public authorities and all stakeholders potentially engaged or interested in self- and co-regulation and other multistakeholder voluntary actions in the EU on how best to codify a set of design principles for achieving objectives through a multi-stakeholder process. The aim of this code is to improve the framework for achieving EU policy objectives. The consultation covers the following three points: 1) to gather comments on the draft Code; 2) to develop a cross-EU and multi-sectoral Network of Excellence, including the sharing of useful reference material and best practices; 3) to gather knowledge, ideas and opinions about how to ensure that voluntarism receives its appropriate share of attention in the policy-making toolbox. Contributions can be made until September 30th 2012 through the Online Interactive Policy-making questionnaire. Additionally, a public meeting on the code will be held on 10 September in Brussels.

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