Sub-objective "c" aims at developing bridges between ICT SME, start ups, young entrepreneurs, and law students through the setting up of "law incubators". A "law incubator" functions as a pro-bono legal clinic where law students are challenged to give legal advice (under the supervision of their Professors) to companies and start-ups having to deal with the complexity of legal issues related to information and communication technologies. The law incubators are by no means substituting the legal expertise of a dedicated legal consultancy made by professional lawyers. They rather aim at building the ecosystem for potential and emerging European tech companies by: • providing tech start-ups with legal support to start them off as viable and job-creating businesses; • providing practical training to the next generation of lawyers to address the broad and evolving needs of tech ventures. The applying consortia are ideally composed by a group of Universities in Europe plus some entities with direct access to start-ups, tech entrepreneurs, spin-offs of universities and research centres, European funded R&D projects, etc. (this list being neither exhaustive nor mandatory).