TransPlant is a EU-funded e-infrastructure to support computational analysis of genomic data from crop and model plants. The project funds coordination and research activities and provides free access to tools, training and data standards.

Launched in 2011, the Trans-national Infrastructure for Plant Genomic Science project (transPLANT) has made excellent progress in its final year.

The main scientific and technological achievements of the project consist of an integrated set of new or significantly enhanced tools and services for plant genomics research. These services are well established and widely utilized by the community and provide a degree of integration that was not available before the project.

The project has delivered a rich suite of outputs including new data archives, integrative databases, compute environments, analysis tools, standards and formats, and tools for data discovery. Usage of pre-existing resources has increased by more than 400% during the project’s lifetime with a significant number of new resources also created and taken-up by the community.

The transplant project achieved its overall objectives and delivered a set of potentially sustainable outcomes that serve a larger research community. To provide sustainability the resources developed or enhanced by transPLANT will remain publicly available through the on-going support of the project participants and continue to support plant science researchers. Project partners have agreed to maintain a total of 17 different components of the transPLANT infrastructure for a minimum of two years while they are seeking further funding for their subsequent development.

TransPLANT has produced significant impact for the plant genomics research community in the form of new and significantly enhanced services that are delivered at a level of integration not previously available.

For more information, please visit the project website.