Spain is the latest country to have appointed its Digital Champion. Alicia Richart, the newest member of the group, is executive advisor in the Cabinet of Minister for Industry, Energy and Tourism in Spain. She’s leading the Telecommunications, Information Society and Digital Contents.

Alicia Richart

"I was involved in the development of the Digital Agenda for Spain - an initiative based on the Digital Agenda for Europe - and I am highly committed to become useful as Digital Champion. My activity will concentrate on four main points which are very important for my country: Digital Single Market, digital inclusion, digital jobs initiative and the national broadband deployment", said Alicia Richart, Digital Champion.

As a Digital Champion, Alicia would focus her activities on:

  • Digital Single Market in Spain and Europe: to retrieve competitiveness;
  • Digital inclusion: to increase the on-line participation of the citizens in companies, especially SME’s;
  • Digital Jobs initiative: since it will improve or provide better jobs to the Spanish citizens;
  • She also considers a priority the national broadband deployment plan that is being prepared. This plan is meant to set a good infrastructure network to support and to develop the digital economy.

Who is Alicia Richart:

Alicia holds a Master’s Degree in Finance (September 2010) and is currently working on PhD related to Corporate Governance. She has a BSc and MSc in Chemical Engineering (1999).

After graduating from “Institut Quimic de Sarria”, Alicia joined the French oil company “TOTALFINAELF” as a process engineer. She got international assignments related to Plant Operations (Lyon, Philadelphia, Barcelona and Canton). She left “TotalfinaElf” as an Industrial Manager in a Petrochemical Business Unit, in Brussels. On January 2012, Alicia decided to leave Accenture to join the public sector and use her knowledge and experience to help her country.

In the public sector, Alicia was involved in the development of the Digital Agenda for Spain. This initiative is based on the Digital Agenda for Europe that acts like the Government’s strategy to develop digital economy and society in Spain.

This strategy is thought as the umbrella of all the Government’s actions in terms of Telecommunications and Information Society. The Agenda is jointly managed by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism and the Ministry of Finance and Public Administration Bodies.

The major six goals of the Digital Agenda for Spain are:

  • Foster the deployment of ultra-fast networks;
  • Develop digital economy;
  • Improve electronic administration and digital public services;
  • Reinforce confidence in the digital sector;
  • Boost R+D+I in future industries;
  • Support digital inclusion and training of new ICT professionals.

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